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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy -


We are honored that you have chosen Cakesone to be a part of your memorable occasions. Your confidence in us means everything to us, and we are dedicated to making your special moments really unforgettable. We are a passionate group of individuals committed to the art of giving and celebration at Cakesone. We take great pleasure in crafting experiences that lend a magical touch to your events. Our objective is to give the same level of quality and professionalism that you need. We strongly advise you to read these Terms and Conditions carefully and to contact our Customer Care staff if you have any questions or concerns. Our main objective is to benefit everyone involved—our hardworking team, valued clients like you, and our whole organization. Thank you for selecting Cakesone, where every occasion becomes a treasured memory.

Cancellation and Refund Policy at Cakesone 

● Because all of our products are precisely designed to match each customers specific requirements and are perishable, we regret to tell you that reimbursements for same-day cancellations are not available.

● Cancellations for normal cakes demand a minimum of one days notice, while Large or Special Cakes require a two-day notice. A 5% refund processing charge will be applied to each order.

● To cancel your order, please send an email to or subject "Cancellation Request." Please include the following information in your email: ○ Order Number ○ Cancellation Reasons

● Cakesone will return the same card/account/medium used for payments in the case of a cancellation.

● Refunds might take 4-5 working days after the cancellation date.

● Please keep in mind that Cakesone maintains the right to use its discretion in areas of order revisions, cancellations, refunds, or providing the client with other choices.

● If a refund is given, the amount refunded will be transferred to your Cakesone Points, which may be used for future purchases. Your complete happiness is still our top focus.

Pricing at Cakesone

● CakesOne offers straightforward pricing that is simple to find on our website.

● These costs are included in our terms and conditions.

● All of our pricing is in Indian Rupees.

● Please keep in mind that prices, products, and services are subject to change at CakesOne;s sole discretion.

Payments Policy

It is crucial to understand that if you use any of the payment methods available on our website, CakesOne will not be held liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage that may occur to you.

This covers instances like:

● A transaction was not authorised.

● exceeding the transaction threshold your bank and you agreed upon.

● Payment problems that arise throughout the transaction.

● Due to various factors, the transaction declined.

● All payments for items or services on our website must be done in Indian Rupees, in conformity with Republic of India rules.

● CakesOne does not accept payments in any other currency for purchases made on our website. We may seek supporting documents, such as government-issued identity and address evidence, before shipping or delivering your product for enhanced protection. This safeguard is in place to guarantee that all of our users have a safe and trustworthy online purchasing experience. CakesOne's Commitment to Quality but Exactness with a Website not Guaranteed! We at CakesOne want to be entirely upfront about our dedication to providing high-quality products, but we cannot promise that the things seen on our website will be exactly duplicated when they are received by the receiver. When it comes to flower-related items, our skilled florists use a variety of wrapping paper, baskets, and ornamental accents. As a result, the arrangements may differ somewhat from what you see on our website. Furthermore, the precise kind or color of flowers sent is dependent on availability and freshness. In unforeseen circumstances, we may choose to provide an equivalent monetary value bouquet or basket. When it comes to our tasty cakes, our partner bakers utilize the photographs as inspiration, but they put their own personality into each preparation. As a result, while the flavors remain consistent, there may be minor aesthetic variations. If the cake you bought is unable to be delivered due to unexpected circumstances, we will offer a similar cake of identical monetary value.

If we are unable to supply the identical item due to unforeseen circumstances for any other items, we will make every attempt to offer a similar product of the same monetary worth to assure your happiness.

Product failure to deliver

We will only be able to try to deliver your purchase once. For perishable items, delivery attempts may be attempted again at our discretion, and you may be charged an extra delivery fee in such situations. If the delivery is not completed during the attempt, the client will be charged for the purchase, and no redelivery is permitted.